2017 interior design trends and ideas

One of my favourite blog posts to write last year was one showcasing 8 gorgeous home decor ideas for 2016 (check it out if you haven’t already)! This year, I have 9 new ideas to share with you, 3 of which are on trend right now, 3 that are timeless classics, and 3 that I’m personally loving at the moment. Starting with a bold one:

Trending now


Pantone named ‘Greenery’ its colour of the year and I’m fully on board because green is such an underrated colour to decorate with. Just as a living plant would, green brings vitality to a space and depending on the shade you choose, it can make a room feel cosy and enveloping or fresh and crisp (just look at the difference in the photos below). If the thought of painting the walls green makes you go green in the face, you can still dabble in the trend with some of the amazing green furniture and accessories on the market right now, from ceramic lamps to upholstered armchairs.

HeyRashmi - Interior Design Ideas 2017 - Green walls 2


Which brings me onto velvet, and specifically velvet upholstery. Velvet used to be the ugly duckling in our grandmothers’ closets but over the past few years, its been given one hell of a makeover – first hitting the catwalks and now our homes. This sumptuous fabric is everywhere, from furniture and bedding to cushions and curtains, but like jewellery for the home, use it sparingly and make it the star of the show.

HeyRashmi - Interior Design Ideas 2017 - Velvet 6

Source: West Elm

Raw textiles

‘Raw’ is an aesthetic that continues to gain popularity year on year, and in this context, refers to textiles that are textured and true to their natural form or are finished using age-old techniques. From weaves, tassels, block prints and embroidery to raw edges, beading, and natural dyes; the more hand-finished and artisan it looks, the better.

The classics

Persian rugs

Persian rugs are a no-fail investment for the home. They last forever and get more beautiful with age as the pile wears down and the colours fade. There are endless patterns to choose from, each one with a story of its own. Plus they’re practically pieces of art for the floor, catching your eye as you walk into the room. I prefer persian rugs to more modern designs, perhaps because of the craftsmanship that’s gone into them or because they so effortlessly add character to a room.

HeyRashmi - Interior Design Ideas 2017 - Persian Rugs

Black and white art

This is nothing new but black and white art is so bold and appealing in its simplicity that I’ve been loving the look lately. A collection of oversized pieces leant on top of a sideboard, countertop or floating shelf gives an effortless feel. Equally pleasing is a gallery wall that serves as a backdrop for a seating area, office or dining nook. However you use it, black and white art can make a room feel super sophisticated.

Built-in bookshelves

This is the most expensive of all the ideas but one that would totally transform a space. Whether you use it to house all your unsightly tech or show off the things you hold dear, the fun you can have with a built-in doesn’t end with the structure itself. Experiment with different finishes like an accent paint colour or wallpaper on the back wall, statement handles and pulls, or integrated lighting to draw the eye in.

HeyRashmi - Interior Design Ideas 2017 - Built-in bookshelves

What I’ve been loving

Orange accents

Orange is such a cheerful colour to bring into your home and one that complements so many colour schemes. It looks great paired with berry or blue, but is equally stunning against grey, cream, blush or taupe. The warmth of orange can make a stark room look more inviting and a dark room look brighter (a trick I’ve used in my own living room), and as you’ll see in the photos below, a little goes a long way.

HeyRashmi - Interior Design Ideas 2017 - Orange accents 4

Source: Veranda

Eclectic walls

Lately I’ve been drawn to eclectic interiors where objets d’art are layered to create a space that’s full of personality. An easy way to channel this look is through a gallery wall where your choice of frames (matching or mismatched, wood or metal), art (photos or mixed media, black and white or colour) and layout (grid or gallery) are all opportunities to show off your personal style. Best of all, by swapping pieces out over time, you can quickly and easily update the look of a room.

HeyRashmi - Interior Design Ideas 2017 - Eclectic gallery walls

Source: Coco Kelley

Lacquered furniture

Lacquer is a stunning way to add wow factor to a room. It’s such an underused finish here in the UK which makes it all the more appealing, but in Hong Kong where I grew up, it’s very well loved and widely available. Modern lacquer comes in every colour under the sun, from punchy primaries to pretty pastels so be bold and use it to make a statement in a room. Try a lacquered console in an entryway with a wall-mounted mirror on top or perhaps an elegant lacquered coffee table like in the photo below.

So which was your favourite idea and would you ever consider painting your walls green? I have to say I’m tempted. Watch this space!

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  1. Beena Pillai

    Green looks really adventurous to me😀But I’m all for the Persian rugs and the orange accents. Built in bookshelves look good, but the only problem is that if you want to rearrange the furniture, you are stuck.

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